Gillespie Foundation
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Mission Statement

Gillespie Foundation - Mission Statement

Gillespie Foundation founded in 2007 to prescribe policies and actions to achieve population stabilization, explore the path to zero fossil fuel future and preserve and protect environment for future generation of children.

The Problem

In 1850 the population of the planet was 1 billion, in 1930 two billion, 3 billion in 1960, 4 billion in 1974, 5 billion in 1987, 6 billion in 1991 and this year will be 7 billion. Even if all countries achieve replacement size families in South Asia and sub Saharan Africa, the population will reach 11 or 12 billion. Since Independence in sub Saharan Africa, all the populations have increased four times except for those that have increased five times. With half the populations in many sub Saharan African countries below the age of fifteen all couples would have to have one child family for the next 31 years to stabilize at current levels. Even replacement size families will result in population increasing 70-80%. Any population growing greater than replacement will eventually stabilize by an increase in the death rate.

Protecting wildlife and the environment, feeding the hungry, preserving peace and political stability, achieving a smooth transition to a zero fossil fuel future, provides a daunting challenge to everyone on this planet. Beyond the necessity of giving all couples access to the contraceptive means to prevent unwanted pregnancies, we are challenged to guarantee the survivability of children, prevent adolescent pregnancies, increasing age at marriage and birth spacing and reinforcing the value of small families for parents, communities and the nation.

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